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Tajik Authorities Introduce Limits on Marriages with Foreigners

27.01.2011 07:32 msk

Ferghana News Agency

Limits are being introduced on marriages with foreign nationals in Tajikistan. The Lower Chamber of the Tajik parliament introduced pertaining amendments to the legislation at a session on 26 January 2011.

In line with the amendments, marriages with foreigners are permitted only in case when the foreign spouse has lived in Tajikistan for at least one year. Also, the foreign spouses must procure housing for their Tajik spouses in Tajikistan. It is also obligatory for new couples to sign a marriage contract because, as authorities assert, such a document bears legal binding in all countries of the world.

The parliamentary session also discussed figures of marriages with foreigners in 2010: some 2,000 Tajik nationals married foreigners last year, but almost 600 couples no longer live together.

According to the president’s representative in the parliament, Mr Juma Davlatov, President Emomali Rakhmon is concerned about the increase in number of collapsing marriages with foreigners.

“These amendments could be perceived as limitations for Tajik citizens to marry foreigners. However, they are necessary because when such marriages dissolve, upbringing of and providing for children in such families become a burden on the state. We already have numerous cases of this kind,” Mr Davlatov said.

Fergana International News Agency