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Kyrgyzstan: Omurkulov vs. Tyuleev. The election of Bishkek mayor will test the quality of parliamentary coalition

03.02.2011 13:13 msk


The elections of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, mayor will take place on February 4, 2011. The appropriate decree was signed by President Roza Otunbaeva on February 2, only two days before the event. According to Ferghana source in the municipal Kenesh (parliament) of Bishkek, such sudden decision is reasoned by dramatic competition between various political forces for "strategic position" of Bishkek mayor.

According to Kyrgyz law On local government the mayor is recommended by the President and elected by the deputies of the municipal Kenesh (parliament). In this case on behalf of the President is candidate will be presented by Emil Kaptagaev, the head of presidential administration. It has to mentioned that at the moment of publication there was no official information at the website of Bishkek Kenesh about elections of the mayor.

So far there is no checked information about the number of candidates. The press-service of Roza Otunbaeva does not report the names of possible candidates.

«Nariman Tyuleev is one of the trusted teammates of Bakiev. After April 7 the criminal case was filed against him and he escaped from the country. Later on with the help of Ata-Jurt party he gained the deputy’s seat in the parliament. At the moment he does not react on filed criminal case. Allegedly, he gathered the team, he used to work with in the mayor’s office before, and said: "Please wait 2-3 months and we will get back to mayor’s office. Each of you will come back to your previous positions". And we wonder why in Jogorku Kenesh he is not being active, says nothing and indifferently seats back on his chair. It turns out he knows the secret that there are no benefits from being deputy, he wants to be the mayor…How would you otherwise explain 2-3 months of silence…What can we say here… Dreaming is good, but useless…" Source – Fabula newspaper (Bishkek)
It has to be mentioned that the current mayor in the capital city is Isa Omurkulov, the member of SDPK (Social-democratic party). He took over this position after overthrowing the regime of Kurmanbek Bakiev in April of 2010. Mr. Omurkulov replaced Nariman Tyuleev, the teammate of Bakiev. Many people say that Tyuleev did significant improvements in the life of Bishkek residents and he is still popular in the capital city.

Ferghana agency sources indicate that, most likely, Kyrgyz President will propose the candidacy of Isa Omurkulov because they were close teammates during April revolution. On the other hand, the agreement between parties that formed coalition rule in the parliament says that the position of Bishkek mayor "belongs" to SDPK.

The Ata Jurt party, another parliamentary coalition member, is interested to promote its person to the position of Bishkek mayor. Before the elections the party promised the electorate to return Nariman Tyuleev to his previous position. Perhaps, this is the reason why Ata Jurt was able to gain many votes not only in the south but also in Bishkek, where initially they had not had big chances to win.

Today, Nariman Tyuleev is the deputy of Jogorku Kenesh, the parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

The situation is deteriorated by the fact that there were tensions between Omurkulov and Tyuleev in the past. They already replaced each other at Kyrgyz railways, the state owned company. Tyuleev was highly respected there while the nomination of "weak" Omurkulov faced resistance from both railways and mayor’s office employees.