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The most expensive Internet in the world is in Turkmenistan. The unlimited plan costs $7000 per month

07.02.2011 18:30 msk

Ferghana News Agency

The cost of using unlimited internet access at $2048 kbps reaches $6821.05 per month, said Khronika Turkmenistana with the reference to Online.tm.

The cheapest internet access costs $43.12 per month where the user is limited by 2 GB at 64 kbps. For comparison, the average cost of high speed unlimited internet in Russia is about $20 per month.

According to Khronika Turkmenistana the vast majority of Turkmen internet users prefer home-based limited internet access (both by the speed and traffic). However, it is nearly impossible to use internet during the day time: only in the nighttime it is more or less possible to have acceptable speed and send/receive emails and visit authorized websites.

People still prefer to visit internet café. For instance, the average cost of one hour internet access in the internet cafes of Ashgabat reaches 3 manats (little over $1). The significant number of the visitors is foreigners. Prior to granting the computer access his passport data is copied to special journal, indicating the time and duration of visit to internet café. The Turkmen website notes that foreigners are allowed to visit more websites than local dwellers. Turkmen citizens still cannot access websites, publishing critical articles about Turkmenistan, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Some Ashgabat residents use internet in the offices of foreign companies and organizations (for example "American corner" in UNDP office). At the same time, since long ago there have been no visitors to OSCE office that has internet and three old computers, specially set up for civil activists. According to one of them, the reason is that "here they put even more control over the visitors than in internet café".

It has to be mentioned that first internet cafes in Turkmenistan were launched in February of 2007.

Fergana International News Agency