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The shadow parliament and shadow government are established in Kyrgyzstan

24.02.2011 12:28 msk


The national congress of political parties in Kyrgyzstan, consisting of 20 political organizations established the shadow parliament and shadow government, said AKIpress.

"You know after the parliamentary elections the expectations of people have not been satisfied. The leaders declare future success. In order to avoid the role of passive observers we decided to take active political actions. On February 20 we decided to create alternative government and parliament. This is very brave and impudent step", said Alikbek Djekshenkulov, the Chairman of the Akiykat party, elected as shadow Prime-Minister by the National congress on February 24 at the press-conference in Bishkek.

According to him, the alternative government will consist of 15 ministries. Their task is generation of ideas and programs and opposition to the official government. "We will use our human resources. We are going to establish the database with experienced and young professionals. The competition will be open", said the shadow Prime-Minister.

Mukhtan Omurakunov, the Chairman of the alternative parliament, shared that the shadow parliament will consists of 60 people that will consider major laws, considered in the official parliament, and propose independent draft laws and recommendations.

In the opinion of Mr. Omurakunov, the aggravation of the political situation is expected in Kyrgyzstan in the spring. "The reason of aggravation may be dissatisfaction with the authorities, rise of costs of basic necessities – he noted. – The government has 2-3 weeks to improve the situation. The government needs to take measures on allowing the population to buy the food items at affordable prices".

The Ferghana international news agency