26 january 2020

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Russian President has appointed ambassador Zamir Kabulov as the special representative for Afghanistan

23.03.2011 09:03 msk


Russian President D. Medvedev has appointed ambassador Zamir Kabulov, formerly an ambassador of the Russian Federation in Afghanistan and currently a director of the 2nd department of Asian affairs in the Russian foreign ministry, as his special representative for Afghanistan, according to Кremlin.ru.

Russian President’s press-service specifies that the newly created position of a special representative for Afghanistan has been designed to ensure the sustainable development of Russian-Afghan relations, which have recently received a strong impetus, to support international efforts to rebuild a peaceful, independent and prosperous Afghanistan free from terrorism and drug-related crimes, and in order to coordinate the activities and policies of the Russian Federation’s ministries and agencies in respect to Afghanistan.

Zamir Kabulov is an experienced diplomat and orientalist, who has been working at the Foreign Ministry (specialising mostly in Afghanistan) since 1977. In November and December 2001, he headed the Russian delegation at the International Conference on Afghanistan in Bonn. In 1995–1996, Zamir Kabulov repeatedly held talks on the release of Russian pilots with the leadership of the Taliban in Kandahar, including Mohammed Omar. In 2004–2009, Zamir Kabulov served as the Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan.

He has been decorated with the “Order for Personal Courage”, the “Order of Honour”, and the “Order of Peoples’ Friendship” for his achievements in Afghanistan, in addition to awards from the state of Afghanistan.