27 may 2018

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Uzbekistan: Oppositionist from Uzbekistan has committed suicide as a result of tortures by policemen

07.12.2011 09:06 msk


Gulsumoy Abdujalilova, a citizen of Andijon province of Uzbekistan and a member of the Popular Movement of Uzbekistan has committed a suicide on December 4, 2011.

According to Elena Urlayeva, the leader of Uzbekistan’s Alliance of human right defenders, Gulsumoy was detained and tortured at the Andijon’s department of interior for four consecutive days. Upon release she has committed suicide by taking some undefined pills. The Alliance has reasons to suspect that G. Abdujalilova was raped by policemen and coerced into committing suicide.

BBC Uzbek service reports that Gulsumoy Abdujalilova resided and studied in Germany but in November 2011 she returned to Andijon for vacation. When in Andijon, police attempted to force her to commit a murder of a member of the Popular Movement of Uzbekistan. Before committing a suicide, she wrote a note explaining she preferred a suicide to killing other people.

An oppositionist from Uzbekistan and a founder of the Stopdictatorkarimov.com, Khazratkul Khudaiberdy: “I met Gulsumoy on Facebook. And I just can’t understand the logic guiding policemen of the Andijon department of interior where she was kept and tortured for four days. Why? Just because she had met some of our compatriots living abroad on Facebook? In fact she has never participated in any activities of the movement. Perhaps she simply enjoyed being a part of the new popular movement planning to create a better future for our country.”

Human right activists demand that Uzbekistan authorities take a prompt investigation of Gulsumoy’s death.

On the 6th of December the PMU has issued a statement concerning the death of its follower. It claims that Uzbekistan’s security services attempted to force Gulsumoy to commit a murder of the leader of Uzbekistan’s opposition Mukhammad Salikh.

«Fuad Rustamkhodjaev, another PMU activists, was murdered on September 24, 2011 in the town of Ivanovo in Russia. Islam Kariev’s regime continues killing patriots of Uzbekistan. People get murdered if they refuse to plead guilty of crimes they never committed, or simply fail to collect enough cotton, if they owe money, or demand justice. People are murdered for many other reasons”, reads the statement further.

«A student from Germany, Gulsumoy Abdujalilova, has committed a suicide after being tortured by Uzbekistan’s police. She left a letter that describes her tragedy in detail. Police threatened to have all members of her family killed unless she agreed to commit a murder of Mukhammad Salikh.

Each and every citizen in Uzbekistan today is being held a hostage at the mercy of armed bandits of the dictator. While the regime can not reach out to oppositionists in exile abroad, they resort to intimidating the oppositionists’ relatives and family members, friends and supporters. This regime tries to secure its future. The only way it finds is through new oppressions, arrests and murders within and outside of the country borders. It’s always easy to find another excuse for a new round of “witch hunt”.