20 september 2018

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International Friendship monument set up on Hippodrome marketplace

16.04.2008 11:00 msk


The International Friendship monument that owes its name to the Shamakhmudovs (a family that adopted fifteen orphans during the Great Patriotic War) was moved from central Tashkent to the outskirts, to right behind Hippodrome marketplace. The monument to Saakhmed Shamakhmudov and his family was set up not far from the city limits. Since there are no pedestrians there, the monument is only to be seen for a few seconds by passengers of the autos entering Tashkent from Samarkand, Jizak, and Syrdarja.

A long concrete wall, power lines, and dilapidated buildings serve as a backdrop. No more children playing at the foot of the monument of adults meeting nearby.

The Tashkent administration in the meantime renamed the Friendship of Peoples Palace into Istiklol or Independence Palace in accordance with the khokim's order. The renaming and removal of the monument from in front of the palace were carried out within the framework of preparations for the forthcoming celebration of Tashkent's 2,200th anniversary. (Islam Karimov personally ordered two centuries added to the city's age a short while ago.)

Aleksei Volosevich