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Rights advocate complains over Uzbek gov’t at UN

02.03.2013 14:06 msk


Ms. Mutabar Tadzhibayeva addressed the UN Committee for Human Rights with a complaint against the government of Uzbekistan, which uses torture and humiliations in penitentiary facilities. Ms. Tadzhibayeva is a well-known Uzbek human rights activist, and the founder and the head of the Plamennie Serdtsa [Fiery Hearts] human rights center.

According to Uznews.Net, Ms. Tadzhibayeva accuses the Uzbek authorities of torturing and forcibly sterilizing her in 2008, while the rights advocated was serving a term in a women’s prison in Tashkent. Neither doctors nor wardens explained to her reasons behind the surgical intervention. Only after she was released in June 2008, she learned that her uterus was removed although there was no medical necessity to do so. Ms. Tadzhibayeva wants the Uzbek government to compensate for the inflicted damage, to punish those who humiliated and tortured her, and provide her with all the medical documents collected during her imprisonment and operation.

Paris-based Worldwide Human Rights Movement (FIDH) and REDRESS, a British organization that helps torture victims, helped her to prepare and to file the complaint with the UN Committee for Human Rights. According to REDRESS Director Dadimos Haile, Uzbekistan is notoriously famous for violations of human rights, systematic tortures and persecutions of human rights activists.

“We hope that the consideration of Mutabar Tadzhibayeva’s case by the UN Committee for Human Rights will help her collect compensation from Uzbekistan, which she deserves for the enormous damage and sufferings she was subjected to during the years of torture and maltreatment,” Mr. Haile said.

“[Uzbek] authorities turned my life into a nightmare, but they were unable to silence me. But they are somewhat successful [in their attempts]: I am no longer feel myself the woman I used to be,” Ms. Tadzhibayeva said.

The activist was arrested in 2005 following the tragic events in Andijan, eastern Uzbekistan. She was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment, but she was released in 2008 thanks to the pressure the international community exerted on Uzbek authorities.

Fergana international information agency.