20 june 2018

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Kyrgyz interior ministry: Grenades and fuses found in newspaper office

04.03.2013 22:12 msk


A box containing three grenades, fuses and a book was found in the office of the Tribuna newspaper’s chief editor, KirTAG quotes the Kyrgyz ministry for internal affairs.

“The grenades were found in a box, which also contained a book. The fuses were inside the book,” a press releases the ministry circulated reads.

Police were alerted on a suspicious package in the editorial office. Law enforcers and National Security Committee (formerly KGB) are now investigating into the matter.

Mr. Yrysbek Omurzakov, the Tribuna chief editor, links the box to the publication of his book on the change of power in April 2010 and the tragic events in June 2010.

“I left the city [Bishkek] last week on Thursday to attend funerals. I arrived at the office today, where officers of the head criminal investigations department were waiting for me. They first told me there was a bomb in the building. Later, after a search, they found three grenades in my office, which I have never seen before,” the editor Omurzakov says.

Fergana international information agency.