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Massacre in Uzbekistan documentary on 2005 events aired and discussed in Geneva (video)

05.03.2013 01:36 msk


A documentary entitled The Massacre in Uzbekistan, which talks about the tragic events in Andijan, Uzbekistan, in May 2005, was aired and discussed on 1 Mar. 2013 in Geneva.

Uzbekistan : un silence complice / a complicit... по fifdhgeneve

The 90-minute documentary was aired during the annual international film festival on human rights. Ms. Mutabar Tadzhibayeva, a renown human rights activist, the founder and the leader of the Fiery Hearts human rights center, ex-UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, Ms. Catherine Pujol, a professor and the president of the European Community for Research in Central Asia, and Mr. Michael Andersen, the film director and a political scientist from Denmark, participated in the discussion.

The film stirred the viewers’ interest, which discussed the film for over an hour in French, Russian and English. Please watch the discussion below.

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