26 may 2019

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Tajik social-democrats leader: China grabs more Tajik land than agreed

16.04.2013 22:18 msk


China has obtained more land from Tajikistan than the official Dushanbe has ceded, Mr. Rakhmatillo Zoirov, the chairman of the Popular Social-Democrat Party, said Asia-Plus reports.

According to Mr. Zoirov, the Chinese border guards moved border posts deeper into Tajikistan than previously agreed.

“I have personally visited Murgab District and saw that Chinese border guards relocated their border posts 20 km deeper into the Tajik territory, although Tajikistan and China agreed upon ceding on 1.1 sq. km. in Murgab District,” Mr. Zoirov has said.

According to Mr. Zoirov, the recent relocation of military units and equipment to Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region under the pretext of anti-terror exercises was in fact aimed at quelling unhappy local residents, should they take to street concerning the land grab matter. Dushanbe agreed to cede portions of its land to China in exchange for writing its debts off.

The Tajik ministry for foreign affairs said Mr. Zoirov’s claims were a “provocation.” According to the country’s finances ministry, the state debt of Tajikistan was $2.125 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2013, which equals to 25.2% of the GDP. The bigger portion of the debt is owed to China.

[Passage omitted: Background; land ceding decreased Tajik landmass by 1%]

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