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How many citizens of Central Asia are roaming Russia?

23.10.2013 20:36 msk


The Federal Migration Service (FMS) of Russia has recently published the latest data on nationals of 240 foreign countries sojourning in the Russian Federation as of 18 Oct 2013.

Calculating the numbers of Central Asian nationals in the data provided, we can see that there are 2,621,843 citizens of Uzbekistan, 1,193,589 citizens of Tajikistan, 671,716 citizens of Kyrgyzstan, 615,190 citizens of Kazakhstan and 27,240 citizens of Turkmenistan are currently residing in Russia. All in all, as of 18 Oct 2013, there are 5,129,578 citizens of Central Asian nations in Russia.

According to a posting on his Facebook page, the ethnologist Dr. Sergey Abashin, this information is drawn from data on entering and exiting individuals over the last 3-4 years.

“Almost 99 percent [of foreigners] are registered upon entering [the Russian Federation], while the percentage of registered departing foreigners is perhaps much lower. Hence, the real figure of foreigners in Russia is lower than what the FMS reported; these figures could be considered the maximum number of present foreigners.”

Those over 5 million Central Asian nationals make up a part of the foreigners’ contingent topping 11 million persons. Of those, Ukrainians are 1,605,085 persons, Azerbaijanis are 629,931 persons, and Moldovans are 561,155 persons make up the largest chunks of foreigners.

Source: the FMS

Fergana international information agency.