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Uzbekistan introduces criminal liability for concealing terrorism info, training

22.01.2014 09:11 msk


Two addenda were made to the Crime Code of Uzbekistan that provide for liability for failing to report information on terrorist acts and for undergoing training for terrorist activities. Uzbek President Islam Karimov signed a bill on introducing said addenda on 20 Jan 2014, Gazeta.Uz reports.

According to the new Article 155-1, a failure to report a crime that is either verified as being prepared or committed, which is then confirmed during investigation and judicial trial, will be fined in the amount between 100 to 300 minimal salaries or public service for three years or imprisonment for three to five years. If such a crime involves death or other grave consequences, the culprit will be fined in the amount between 300 to 600 minimal salaries or imprisonment for five to seven years.

The following crimes are now qualified as terrorist acts: terrorism (Article 155), undergoing training for terrorist activity (Article 155-2), attempting on the president’s life (Article 158), infringing upon the constitutional order (Article 159), sabotage (Article 161), organizing a criminal group (Article 242), hostage taking (Article 245), illegal circulation of radioactive materials (Article 254), development, production, collection, procurement, transfer, storage, illegal possession and other actions with bacteriological, chemical and other kinds of weapons of mass destruction (Article 255-1), and hijacking or seizing trains, aircraft, and marine vehicles (Article 264).

The new Article 155-2 provides for liability for undergoing training with the purpose of committing terrorist acts or any crime provided for in Articles 155, 158, 159, 161, 242, 245, 254, 255-1 and/or 264 of the Crime Code. This crime includes obtaining knowledge and practical skills of committing said crimes; learning ways of handling weapons, explosives, poisons, and other substances and objects hazardous to the environment and society. Such crimes will be penalized with a fine equal to 300 to 600 minimal salaries or public service for up to three years or imprisonment for five to seven years.

This article also provides for exempting from responsibility those who voluntarily report authorities about such a training; actively help to solve a criminal case, identify others who underwent such a training and those who organize and/or finance training; help identify training location and if their actions contain no other crimes.

Fergana international information agency.