19 june 2018

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Shooting on the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan left one killed

18.04.2017 02:33 msk


Podrobno.uz referring a Press-Service of the Committee on State Border Guard of National Security Service of Uzbekistan reports about one civilian shot dead by border guards of Uzbekistan. The Committee informs that on 15 April 2017 in the evening its border guards noticed a cattle herd crossing the border from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan, and according to the line of action the guards turned the herd away from the Uzbekistan back to Tajikistan. The Committee continues that three men armed with knives and sticks appearing from Tajikistan territory and going deep into the territory of Uzbekistan initially harassed the guards, and then assaulted them.

As a result of the clash the guards shot one civilian dead, identified as a resident of the village in Tajikistan while two other unidentified men escaped back to Tajikistan, and the guards sustained different wounds. The Committee defended actions of its guards as rightful according to the laws of Uzbekistan that trespassers violated a state border, assaulted the border guards with knives and sticks forcing them to use their arms to protect their own security, to repel the attack, to prevent a capture of the weapons.

While law enforcement authorities of Uzbekistan opened a criminal case according to the fact of the shooting the Border Committee demanded authorities of Tajikistan to discuss jointly the incident and to carry explanatory works with its residents living near the border with Uzbekistan to prevent violations of the border.

Armed incident on Uzbekistan and Tajikistan border: Tajikistan border troops version

Dushanbe-based Asia-Plus news agency referring the Press-Service of border troops of the National Security Committee of Tajikistan reports about Uzbek border guards went deep into the territory of Tajikistan assaulting three herdsmen and killing one of them. The Press-Service informs about the investigation of the incident telling that three herdsmen were grazing their kettle not far from the Uzbekistan border and two Uzbek border guards tried to seize them and their kettle going deep into the territory of Tajikistan.

The Press-Service continues that the border guards held the herdsmen and were confronted by one of them saying he will report about it to a Tajik border post chief guard. As a result of the encounter one of the guards shot one herdsman dead and wounding a leg and an arm of another one – his brother. The report says that allegedly Uzbek border guards took away a body of the dead into the territory of Uzbekistan to conceal a crime leaving others on the incident spot.

The Press-Service informs about the Tajikistan border post conducted its own investigation and revealed several questions unanswered; whether any unarmed civilian is able to provoke an armed border guard? How could Uzbek border guard sustain injuries of back of the head while facing the Tajik civilian and holding an arm against him? If Tajik citizens violated the border why only the dead one was taken away and other herdsmen were freed? How the dead herdsman was identified so promptly after the incident or was he still alive and denied an urgent medical treatment?

The Press-Service concluded that the border guards of Uzbekistan acted in violation of international and bilateral agreements and line of action of border guards to support friendly good neighbourly relations.

Fergana international information agency.