19 june 2018

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Rapid reaction forces combating terrorist threat created in Kazakhstan

24.04.2017 13:00 msk


Rapid reaction forces to tackle terrorist threat were created in Kazakhstan; they are in constant combat readiness. This was announced on 24 April by the defence minister of the republic Saken Zhasuzakov at the government hour in the Mazhilis (lower house of parliament), reports Zakon.Kz.

‘The Ministry of Defense in cooperation with other state bodies is leading routine preventive work to ensure national security of Kazakhstan, participating in the work of the antiterrorism centre of the National Security Committee. Today, the Armed Forces determine the composition of the staff and the means of rapid reaction to terrorist threats, which is in constant combat readiness,’ said the minister.

According to him, airplanes and helicopters are allocated to transfer these special forces in the area of ​​the threat, an algorithm and action procedure of the special group have been worked out, and the practice of conducting interdepartmental exercises continues. In particular, the minister noted that the number of measures for operational and combat training in recent years has increased by 2.5 and 5 times respectively.

Fergana News Agency