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Kazakhstan: Government approves bill depriving citizenship for terrorism related crimes

25.04.2017 19:08 msk


On 25 April during the meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan in Astana, Minister of Justice Marat Beketayev announced the completion of works on a draft law that will determine cases of deprivation of citizenship for committing various criminal offenses. As Kazinform reports, the government approved the bill and sent it to the parliament after which if members of Parliament accept it, amendments and changes would be made to 7 codes and 46 laws of Kazakhstan.

Minister of Justice Marat Beketayev

A supplementary form of criminal punishment in the form of deprivation of citizenship is provided for in twenty one articles of the country's Criminal Code on 14 formulations of especially serious terrorist crimes. For example, for an act of terrorism (clause 3 of Article 255), the creation and direction of a terrorist group and participation in its activities (clause 3 of Article 257).

Moreover, the bill provides the deprivation of citizenship for causing grave harm to the vital interests of the country; there are 16 elements of crimes provided for in 11 articles of the Criminal Code.

‘According to the national security law, such elements include an attack on the inviolability of the constitutional order, independence, unitarity, territorial integrity and so on. For example, genocide (Article 168), separatist activities (clause 3 of Article 180), creation, leadership of an extremist group or participation in its activities (clause 3 of Article 182). This punishment will be imposed by the court in exceptional cases on the basis of a comprehensive and thorough investigation of the circumstances of the case, the severity of the acts committed and the severity of the consequences,’ Mr Beketayev said. He clarified that the deprivation of citizenship is subject to registration by an authorised body on the basis of a legally validated court verdict, informs Informburo.Kz.

After the meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan, Minister of Justice responding to questions from journalists noted that he does not see the political motivation of the bill drafted by his ministry.

‘This is not linked to any political issues. The point is that people, who participate in terrorist activities, should not be able to return to Kazakhstan and spread their ideology in Kazakhstan. Look at what terrorists are doing in Syria and what they are trying to impose in other countries. That's what this is about,’ explained Marat Beketayev.

As for social networks, none of the well-known politicians and public figures in the country has yet reacted to the bill drafted by the Ministry of Justice.

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