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Kyrgyzstan: Parents of ‘St. Petersburg suicide bomber’ returned home and refrain from contacts

28.04.2017 18:18 msk


The parents of Akbarjon Jalilov
The parents of Akbarjon Jalilov, whom the Russian law enforcement agencies consider to be the executor of the terrorist act in the St. Petersburg metro, have returned to the city of Osh in the south of Kyrgyzstan and do not want to contact with anyone.

Fergana correspondent Shokhrukh Saipov visited the Jalilovs in the hope of interviewing. The street of around their house is gravelly and almost uninhabited.

‘Knocking at the gate I slowly opened it and saw that Akbarjon's mother was working in the garden. His father approached me. I introduced myself and told the reason for the arrival, but he refused to give me an interview explaining that they has been very tired of everything that fell upon them after the terrorist attack. I managed to ask him a few questions and get brief answers,’ reported Shokhrukh Saipov.

Akramjon Jalilov said that the next day after the terrorist attack he and his wife had been summoned for interrogation to the department of the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic for Osh region. And after the interrogation they had flown to St. Petersburg on the night of 5 April.

‘We have been in Russia for five days. We were interrogated by the FSB and showed the body of our son, when my wife lost consciousness. Unfortunately, it was our son, we identified him. After that, we were released. Now we are waiting for the result of the investigation. We do not believe that our son committed this act of terrorism. He was not that kind of person,’ Akramjon Jalilov told the correspondent.

He denies that his son travelled to Turkey. Earlier, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit reported that a Russian citizen Akbarzhon Jalilov arrived in Turkey in November 2015 and was there for 13 months. In December 2016, he wanted to leave the country through Antalya, and it turned out that he had exceeded his tenure. He was offered a choice of a large fine or deportation, blacklisting and a ban on visiting the country for five years. Jalilov chose the second option. To leave for Russia, he had to apply to the Russian consulate general in Turkey. He was deported on 17 December 2016.

‘My son had not been there’, Jalilov Sr. Insisted, ‘he had told us that he went to serve in the Russian Federation Army. At this time we had had no connection with him. He came to Osh in March this year. I was mostly at home. We have not noticed any suspicious changes in his nature or the alarming activity.’

On 3 April 2017, an explosion thundered in a train car on a stretch between the ‘Technological Institute’ and the ‘Sennaya Ploshchad’ stations in St. Petersburg killing 15 people and injuring more than 50. According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, the terrorist attack was committed by a 22-year-old Kyrgyz citizen Akbarjon Jalilov. 10 immigrants from Central Asian countries suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack were arrested: six in St. Petersburg and four in Moscow, including the alleged organisers of the terrorist act Abror and Akram Azimov brothers.

Three weeks after the attack, previously unknown to media, the group Imam Shamil Battalion linked with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for it. The statement of the ‘Imam Shamil Battalion’ says that a native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov, who blown up in the St. Petersburg metro, acted on the instructions of Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. As the terrorists write, he participated in an operation that coincided with the visit of President Vladimir Putin to St. Petersburg. The group stated that the attack was revenge for Russia's actions in Syria and Libya, as well as for what is happening in Chechnya. At the end of their statement, the terrorists threatened Russia with new attacks if troops from Syria are not withdrawn.

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