27 april 2018

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Tajikistan: Health condition of life-term prisoner Mahmadali Hait needs urgent medical attention

02.05.2017 12:29 msk


A source close to Mahmadali Hait's family, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, told Fergana that the terms of health of this political prisoner – the deputy chairman of the now banned Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (PIVT) – has deteriorated sharply in recent days.

Mahmadali Hait (Hayitov Mahmadali Rahmonovich) is a Tajik public and political figure, deputy chairman of the PIVT, a member of the Political Council and the Presidium of the party, a former the USSR GRU [military intelligence] officer, and a chevalier of the Soviet Order of the Red Star. He was born on 20 October 1957 in the village of Choryakkoron, Rudaki district, in the family of a worker. Detained on 16 September 2015, and sentenced by the Supreme Court of Tajikistan to life imprisonment on 2 June 2016. Photo from Tajinfo.org

‘Mahmadali's pains in the liver and one of the kidneys worsened,’ our source says, ‘he took medical advice before the imprisonment and took the necessary medicines for treatment, however in prison he is deprived of any medical assistance despite his multiple complaints and appeals. The conditions in which Mahmadali Hait is held also contribute to the aggravation of his illness. If in the very near future he would not receive proper medical care, the consequences could be irreparable.’

Fergana News Agency