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Uzbekistan: Tashkent International airport named after Islam Karimov

04.05.2017 16:10 msk


By the decree of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on 4 May, the international airport of Tashkent was given the name of the first President of the country Islam Karimov, ‘Gazeta.uz’ reports. This event had been announced long before today. It was decided to name not only the airport, but the streets, squares and other objects in Uzbekistan after its ruler deceased last year.

Tashkent International Airport. Photo by ‘Gazeta.Uz’

But by perpetuating Karimov’s name of the main air harbour of the Uzbek capital is not the only thing of its upgrade. The President intends to radically improve the work of the airport. By the decree of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a special commission was formed led by Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov, who will undertake comprehensive preparation and justification of the comprehensive measures programme ‘to further improve the efficiency of the functioning of the infrastructure and radically improve the quality of passenger service at the international airport of the capital.’

This programme, which within a month will be prepared by the Uzbekiston Havo Yollari Company jointly with the State Customs Committee, the State Border Protection Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Committee for Tourism Development and the Khokimiyat (Administration) of Tashkent, should ensure the practical implementation by following priority tasks:

- Improvement of the security system, as well as reducing the time for passengers to pass customs, border and immigration procedures by introducing modern information and communication technologies at the airport;

- Critical analysis of the current staff and increasing requirements for selection of all categories of employees in the customs, border and immigration services, law enforcement and service infrastructure at the airport, prevention and elimination of any abuse of power by them;

- Ensuring a high level of service for passengers, guests and foreign delegations arriving in the capital and republic, creating in the main air harbour of Uzbekistan an atmosphere of sincere cordiality and hospitality inherent to the Uzbek people;

- Effective functioning of the relevant infrastructure services of the airport, optimisation of the technological process for passenger service and their luggage, meaning the creation of the necessary comfortable conditions;

- Creation of necessary conditions for accompanying and meeting persons, organisation of parking for vehicles on a specially allocated territory, complex solution of upgrade issues;

- Study and introduction of advanced international experience to improve the efficiency and the quality of the functioning of all airport services, as well as creation of more comfortable conditions for passenger service.

How the authorities of the country will achieve ‘a high level of passenger service’ it is not yet clear. For the last two decades they have not been able to do this.

Tashkent International Airport has been repeatedly listed among the five worst airports in the world - with the lowest quality of passenger services. You can learn about the impressions of the guests of the capital of Uzbekistan from visiting the airport from the following materials in Russian: Uzbekistan: At the airport in Tashkent passengers are subjected to ‘IGIL-control’ on arrival, Tashkent airport is an ugly ‘face’ of the capital of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan: What tourists are unhappy with while visiting Tashkent?

We hope that the Government of Uzbekistan is familiar with the complaints of travellers.

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