21 april 2018

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Uzbek Foreign Ministry launched interactive consular services website

10.05.2017 17:07 msk


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan launched the ‘online maslahat’ (‘online advice’) module on the consul.mfa.uz site - to provide prompt assistance to citizens of this country who stay abroad.

Screenshot of site consul.mfa.uz

‘The website contains information on the majority of services that can be obtained by preparing the sets of necessary documents in an interactive mode followed by their submission to the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad. The site also provides the opportunity to find out the current state of consideration of requests of citizens of Uzbekistan on a particular consular service,’ the Consul.mfa.uz homepage says.

The site was launched in March 2017, since that time more than 100 applications have been received, although at present several million citizens of Uzbekistan are staying abroad. Probably, the point is that out of the 14 types of consular services offered by the site in interactive mode, you can use only three – ‘Procedure for obtaining a certificate for return to Uzbekistan’, ‘Procedure for Temporary Consular Register’ and ‘Procedure for Establishing a Permanent Consular Register.’ At the same time interactivity is limited only by the opportunity to fill in the online application form.

As for other consular services, the website describes the procedures for filing documents and obtaining the desired result. The list of these services includes following:

- The procedure of processing (exchange) of the passport;
- The procedure for reclamation of documents from the Republic of Uzbekistan;
- The procedure of registration of the birth certificate;
- The procedure for registration of marriage;
- The procedure for registration of divorce;
- The procedure of registration of the death certificate;
- The procedure for issuing a permit for travel abroad;
- The procedure for registration for permanent residence (permanent residence);
- The procedure for determining the citizenship - non-belonging to the citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
- The procedure for renunciation the citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan
- The obtaining an apostil.

According to the Uzbek Foreign Ministry, the consular administration and consular offices of Uzbekistan abroad carried out 79,139 consular actions in the first quarter of 2017 related to the issuance of a certificate of return to their homeland, registration of an exit from the citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan, registration of acts of civil status, issuance of visas for foreign citizens, the exchange / issuance of a biometric passport, the performance of notary’s acts and others.

The largest number of consular actions was carried out in the embassies of Uzbekistan in Tajikistan (14,191), Russia (7,561), Kazakhstan (5,633), Germany (3,714), China (3,542), India (3,435), South Korea (3,369) and Turkmenistan (3,215).

During January-March 2017, 52,224 foreign citizens received entry visas to Uzbekistan, including 19,197 tourists and 8,613 businessmen.

Fergana News Agency