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Bishkek: MPs urge to deprive journalist Ulugbek Babakulov of Kyrgyz citizenship

01.06.2017 12:23 msk


Depriving Fergana News Agency journalist in Bishkek Ulugbek Babakulov of Kyrgyzstan's citizenship was called on Thursday in the parliament of this country, “24.kg” reports.

During the session of the Jogorku Kenesh (unicameral parliament of Kyrgyzstan), some members called Ulugbek Babakulov “instigator.” They are outraged by his article “People are like beasts. There are calls for reprisals against the Sarts in the Kyrgyz segment of social networks,” published on our website a week ago.

The member of the Kyrgyz parliament Ainuru Altybaeva recalled that the word “Sart” is considered insulting. According to her, women who lost their children in the sad June Events in Osh (meaning ethnic pogroms of June 2010. - Note by Fergana) are still crying. She believes that law enforcement agencies should pay attention on such articles and give their appraisal. However, judging by her words, it is not entirely clear whether the elected representative read our article herself or not.

“This article can destroy a fragile peace in the south, created with such difficulty,” stressed Ms Altybaeva. What she thinks about open calls for ethnic hatred expressed in social networks and described in the publication of Ulugbek Babakulov, the representative said nothing.

MP Ainura Altybaeva

Member of Parliament Ainuru Altybaeva was supported by her colleague Muradil Madaminov. He said that the society should not ignore such articles, and proposed to deprive Ulugbek Babakulov of the citizenship of Kyrgyzstan:

“Maybe he is provoking to restart the June Events. In general, such people should be deprived of citizenship,” “Zanoza.kg” quotes the member of Parliament.

We should mark that both representatives are members of the Social Democratic Party (SDPK) fraction considered “pro-presidential.”

MP Muradil Madaminov

According to the new version of the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan, “no citizen can be deprived of his citizenship and the right to change his citizenship differently, as in the cases and according to the procedure established by the constitutional law.” However, the mechanism of this procedure is not prescribed in any constitutional law.

Earlier on 27 May 2017, the major Kyrgyz TV channel broadcasted an 8-minute report with a speaking name “Instigators”, in which our journalist was accused of fomenting ethnic hatred, and Fergana News Agency was called “biased” and was called to be blocked on the territory of the republic.

Two days later a similar story was aired by the popular “Channel 5.” At the same time, several other editions of the republic published articles in the genre of “propaganda attacks,” in which Mr Babakulov was called to be prosecuted.

Let's note, the house of our correspondent started being shadowed since the end of March this year. At the same time, threats began to pour on Ulugbek in social networks. According to friends and colleagues of Ulugbek, these attacks are inspired by government forces and caused by the critical attitude of the journalist and our publication towards the authorities of Kyrgyzstan.

The editor-in-chief of Fergana Daniil Kislov is seriously concerned about the development of events: “Everything that is happening with Ulugbek I would call “violence over the word” and “opposition by authorities to the professional activities of the journalist.””

“Unfortunately, not only Ulugbek and Fergana are attacked in Kyrgyzstan today, but also other, perhaps, the best journalists and mass media in the country. Those who do not bend and do not serve power or capital. Those who criticise the government and deliver the truth to their readers unflattering for President Atambayev,” Daniil Kislov wrote on his Facebook page.

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