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Uzbekistan: Attempted suicide in President's Office in Tashkent

13.06.2017 06:51 msk


A young female resident of Akhangaran has tried to commit suicide by hanging in the morning on 9 June in the courtyard of the Office of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. She was saved, Fergana correspondents in Tashkent inform.

An around thirty-years-old woman came to Tashkent last Friday from Akhangaran, a provincial town in the Tashkent region, to solve her problem, the Tashkent entrepreneur Elena Agibalova told Fergana, who also came to the President's Office for her business.

“Talking with visitors I found out that this woman, abandoned by her husband, was trying to sell her one-room apartment. She had already received a deposit of a thousand dollars,” Ms Agibalova says, “however, after some time the customer refused to buy an apartment and demanded money back. According to the rules, since the deposit is an irrevocable amount the woman refused to return it. The unsuccessful customer persecuted her and even battered her when she was pregnant. As a result, the child was born ill.”

A woman has two children: a four-year-old girl and a baby boy - just the one that suffered during the beating of his mother. She visited the President’s Office with her children, went inside the building and after some time turned into the courtyard together with them. Then she took out a rope from the bag.

According to Ms Agibalova, having seen and assessing the woman's intention, she informed the reception staff. They immediately ran out into the courtyard and literally dragged the woman out of the noose, thrown over a metal crossbar located above the bench that stood there. And all this - in full view of her children (the baby was at the time in the arms of the eldest daughter).

Then the district prevention police inspector arrived and started yelling at the woman, trying to take her to the station. Ms Agibalova foisted her a piece of paper with phone numbers of Tashkent human rights defenders and left the territory of the President's Office. Therefore, she does not know how events developed further.

“Many citizens having suffered from illegal actions or inaction of the authorities, go to the Apparatus (President's Office - note by Fergana) with the illusion that the President personally will meet them and immediately make a decision in their favour. However, it is not the case,” Ms Agibalova continues, “they just accept applications in this building. The only thing now, besides the staff of the Apparatus, there are also officers of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and other departments here. But not the president! Today in the same queue, an unlawfully dismissed officer of the National Security Service from the city of Navoi, according to him, said that he came in the hope of meeting with the president. And this is an experienced officer with higher education. What a naivety...”

The Office of the President of Uzbekistan in Tashkent

In early March 2017 Shavkat Mirziyoyev transformed through his decree the service for control and coordination of work with appeals of individuals and legal entities of the President's Office to the service for protection of citizens' rights, control and coordination of work with appeals of individuals and legal entities.

This decree was adopted “with a view to further improving the activities of the President's Office in the field of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens.”

The main objective of the service is to “ensure the functioning of a brand new and effective system of work with appeals from individuals and legal entities aimed at fully protecting their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.”

It will also undertake an in-depth analysis of the state of ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens by state authorities, development of proposals for improving law enforcement practices and existing legislation in the field of citizens' rights and freedoms.

The new service is charged with developing and implementing measures to further improve the work with appeals, expand an open dialogue with citizens, and strengthen public confidence in state bodies.

Fergana News Agency