19 june 2018

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Killing of four relatives of defected officer by Tajik authorities officially confirmed

12.07.2017 17:46 msk


Four close relatives of the ex-commander of special police squad turned ISIS militant (as Islamic State, ISIL or Daesh is banned in Russia as a terrorist organisation) Gulmurod Khalimov were shot and killed in Tajikistan on the night of 4 July. Two brothers and two nephews of Khalimov were killed by the Tajik police in the village of Ibrati Vosei district of the republic and buried on 10 July in the village of Darai Foni. Three more people were detained.

The fact of the killing of the relatives of Gulmurod Khalimov by the authorities was officially confirmed only 11 July. Prosecutor of Khatlon region said that there were seven relatives of Gulmurod Khalimov. According to him, they planned to pass the Tajik-Afghan border and resisted and as a result of which four were killed and three were arrested. During a special operation, one of the police officers was wounded. On the other hand, the chair of the Khatlon region told journalists that he does not have any information about the operation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Khatlon.

Gulmurov Khalimov

The physical liquidation of the relatives of the runaway colonel concealed by the Tajik authorities since 5 July has already been the subject of active discussion in social networks for more than four days. People familiar with Muslim rituals emphasise that the tradition of burying of deceased and murdered people according to Muslim canons occurs on the day of death or the next day. Why the authorities did not hand the bodies over to the relatives for several days and why they kept silent about what happened - one can only guess.

Users of social networks suggest that it is very difficult for the authorities to explain what weapons Gulmurod Khalimov's relatives were defending themselves with and whether they had any weapons at all. A number of Facebook readers draw attention to the fact that police officers had been expecting the two cars of the colonel's relatives near the Khodja-Mumin salt mine driving to the border. Therefore, it is possible that their moving to the border was not only controlled by the Interior Ministry, but it was also initiated by the police - in order to create an excuse for the physical liquidation of Gulmurod Khalimov's relatives.

40 years old Gulmurod Khalimov, a former Tajikistan special operation forces commander joined IS in April 2015. Criminal proceedings started to prosecute a fugitive commander in Tajikistan according to “high treason,” “involvement in criminal gang”, “illegal involvement in armed conflicts or military operations on the territory of other states” clauses. Tajikistan authorities issued an international search request for him.

The US listed Gulmurod Khalimov along with 35 other individuals and organisations linked to the Islamic State as international terrorists and sanctioned them. And in 2016 the US government put a $3 million bounty on his head. Gulmurod Khalimov, known as al-Tajiki, was killed as a result of an air strike in the west of Mosul in April 2017, The Times informed.

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