27 may 2018

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Kazakh border guards did not allow journalist to leave country

18.08.2017 17:40 msk


Lukpan Ahmedyarov
Lukpan Ahmedyarov, editor-in-chief of the independent "Uralskaya Nedelya" ("Ural Weekly") newspaper, failed to leave his country for Kyrgyzstan on 16 August to attend a seminar - border guards did not release him from Kazakhstan, Tamara Kaleeva, the head of the Adil Soz International Foundation for the Protection of Freedom of Speech, informed.

"We flew to Almaty, they took a bus and went to Kyrgyzstan. Suddenly, at the "Kordai" border post I was turned around, saying that I, it turns out, was not allowed to leave. My comrades went on, and I returned to Almaty, and then to Uralsk," Lukpan Ahmedyarov told about his unlucky trip.

As it turned out, the problem is because of a court decision against Tamara Yeslyamova, who is currently the publisher of the "Uralskaya Nedelya" newspaper. Last year, the court ruled journalist Eslyamova to pay for the moral damage to the police officer. The editorial office of the "Uralskaya Nedelya" newspaper is a co-defendant with Eslyamova. It is the reason why the authorities stopped Ahmedyarov at the border.

"In my opinion, all it is somehow strange," Lukpan Ahmedyarov argues, "the editorial board of the newspaper is recognised as the co-defendant, but not me personally. I was told that I am not allowed to leave because I am the editor of this newspaper. Now we are examining it. [We] wrote letters to the regional prosecutor's office, to the Ministry of Justice, Tamara is negotiating with the Supreme Court. But the situation has not cleared up so far."

At present Ahmedyarov is accused of "insulting the representative of power" according to the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan. It was police officer Adil Turmanov who filed the lawsuit. Earlier on the phone, he asked the journalist to report to the police to draw up a record of the previous offence. The journalist said that he is outside the city and can not come this very hour. The caller continued to insist, Ahmedyarov repeated that he could not, and then, in rage swore at him breaking off the conversation.

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