20 september 2018

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Battery of labour migrant from Tajikistan by the shopping centre guards resulted in riots and criminal proceedings

21.09.2017 22:12 msk


The Moscow police started two separate criminal proceedings basing on the fact of fights between the guards of the "Moscow" shopping centre and labour migrants from Tajikistan. As a result of the incident, which almost led to mass riots, several migrants with various injuries rushed to a hospital. According to the latest information, police detained more than 90 Tajik natives at the scene of the incident and brought them to the local police departments for assessment. Criminal proceedings include charges under Articles 116 (beatings) and 213 (hooliganism) of the Russian Criminal Code, Kommersant reports.

Police officers arrived at the scene after several people informed them about a large number of people from the Asian republics had gathered at the "Moscow" shopping centre. The law enforcers found a 27-year-old Tajik citizen, Navruz Zikirov in critical condition. By that time, a large crowd of Tajiks had gathered in the shopping venue, who claimed that the guards of the shopping centre had severely beaten their countryman and demanded a meeting with the leadership of a private security organisation operating in the centre.

Later, doctors diagnosed Navruz Zikirov having brain concussion, a closed craniocerebral injury and a bruise of the lumbar spine. This morning the Tajik diaspora denied both reports of the death of the victim, and the medical institution informed that Navruz Zakirov has a critical condition and is in the neurosurgical unit.

According to the official representative of the Embassy of Tajikistan in Russia, Sarvar Bakhti, Rosgvardia [the National Guard of Russia] officers are guarding the hospital admitting nobody to the ward of Zikirov. "We managed to meet him after the appeal to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Navruz is not in intensive care; he is in the [ordinary] ward. He has a diagnosed of moderate brain concussion. His life is not in danger," Asia-Plus quotes Sarvar Bakhti.

As Bakhti learned from the victim, the young man became a victim of intra-market squabbles. "According to him, every seller there must pay a certain amount to the administration of the shopping centre for the goods delivered. On this day Navruz helped the Chinese to unload the goods. Either he did not pay, or he forgot to pay, but the guards began to resent and not passing the goods, accused our citizen supporting the seller, at the same time. The owner of the goods was not nearby. After that Navruz was beaten," Bakhti said.

As it became known later, after a while, at least three more migrants rushed to Moscow hospitals. One of them - having closed craniocerebral injury, the rest - bruises and abrasions.

Three private security organisations are carrying out the protection of the "Moskva" shopping centre - Vityaz-Soyuz, Vityaz-Reserve and Vityaz-Favorit. All of them are members of the independent "Concern of Security Vityaz" association, which cooperates with the Association of Social Protection of Veterans of the Special Forces Detachment of Internal Troops" Vityaz".

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