20 september 2018

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Kyrgyzstan: Open bribery of voters in Osh - one vote for pro-government presidential candidate costs 1,000 soms

12.10.2017 14:48 msk


In Osh - the "southern capital" of Kyrgyzstan facts of open bribing of voters in favour the presidential candidate from the "party of power" - Sooronbai Jeenbekov are emerging. Freelance correspondents - residents of the city report about it to Fergana.

"Two people came to our house, a man and a woman - Jeenbekov campaigners. They had a list of voters district by in their hands. Ask to sign against our surnames, as a promise that we will come and vote for Jeenbekov, and give 1,000 soms [about $ 14.6] per person. Most of the neighbours agreed," the resident of the Osh street named after Ryspay Abdykadyrov tells Fergana.

Fergana possesses shots of video shooting at its disposal, on which the moment of voter bribery recorded. Here is a screenshot.

Video was taken on 10 October 2017

Observers indicate voter bribery in other parts of Osh city. However, there is still no information whether any of the residents complained to the territorial election commissions.

Fergana News Agency