16 october 2018

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Uzbekistan: Overhead railway under construction in Tashkent

31.10.2017 11:09 msk


The first piles for a new underground line
The overhead railway construction in Tashkent has been started, the press service of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev reports.

The total length of the line will be 52.1 kilometres. Of these, 50.5 kilometres of tracks will pass along the flyover, six metres high, and the remaining 1.6 kilometres - on the ground. Currently, as the newsletter informs, the laying of monolithic concrete racks for the flyover has begun. The project is designed until 2021. At the same time, the message says that Mirziyoyev has instructed to hand over a completed line until 2020.

The flyover will be built in five stages. First, they will build a section from the "Dustlik" station of the Tashkent Metro (underground) to the "Kuilyuk" market. The length of the line will be 11 kilometres; there are eight stations (there will be 35 in total) expected to be built. At the second stage, the underground line will connect the "Kuilyuk" market with the "Olmazor" underground station. The third section will be built between the "Olmazor" and "Beruni" stations, then - between the "Beruni" and "Bodomzor" stations. At the last stage, the underground line will connect the "Dustlik" station.

The total cost of the project is approximately $ 422.3 million. As previously reported, initially the authorities planned to build a high-speed ring railway in Tashkent. But it was decided to abandon the train, because of the dense urban development and the need to demolish a large number of residential and industrial facilities.

The Tashkent Metro is the oldest underground railway in Central Asia (construction began in 1968-1970). It includes three lines - Chilanzar, Uzbekistan and Yunusabad, where 29 stations are currently operating. The total length of the underground lines is 36.2 kilometres.

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