18 october 2018

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Ramzan Kadyrov comments on women and children rescued from Syria

14.11.2017 23:21 msk


Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov has spoken about the evacuation of another group of women and children from Syria.

A special flight, carrying 41 people on-board, landed at the Grozny airport on the evening of November 13. In addition to citizens of Russia, the group also included five citizens of Kazakhstan among those rescued, and two from Uzbekistan.

"They were in the war zone because of the criminal recklessness of the fathers of the children and the spouses of women, who joined the ranks of the terrorists of the Iblis state," Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account.

"Now the children and their mothers are safe! For the first time in a long time, they saw their relatives and friends, who had come to Grozny airport. I am sincerely grateful to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who has set a vital task—to save our women and children caught in the abyss of military chaos in the Middle East. Earlier, we managed to take 48 people out of the hot spots of Syria and Iraq. Behind these figures is huge work, coupled with a real danger to life. Thus, we returned 89 people to their families. This work affects not only our compatriots, but also citizens of a number of CIS [most of post-Soviet states - note by Fergana News] countries. Together with the federal centre, we are carrying out a set of activities aimed at locating, identifying and transporting children and women."

Kadyrov also thanked Senator Ziyad Sabsabi, his representative in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, who "personally managed the rescue operation," and the command of the Russian military group in Syria, which "exclusively takes responsibility for this issue and provides the maximum assistance solving it."

"We will not stop working until the task set by President Vladimir Putin is fully implemented. We will leave no citizen of the Russian Federation in trouble!" Kadyrov stressed.

According to the information agency Grozny Inform, the latest special flight from Syria is the sixth such flight in a row, which began in August this year. On-board was the largest group of evacuated people of all time. The agency specified that the Russians who came to their homeland are residents of Bashkortostan, Oryol, Dagestan, Chechnya and other regions.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia also identified the citizens of the republic rescued from Syria. "This is a woman born in 1988, a resident of Uralsk, and her four underage children. The oldest is five years old, the youngest is only a few months old," said the head of the press service of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry Anuar Zhainakov, adding that they will be delivered to their homeland in the near future. He also thanked the Russian authorities and the leadership of Chechnya for their assistance.

As the "Pervyi Kanal" ("First Channel") reports, the current operation to save women and children from Syria lasted for a total of two months and was going on in extremely difficult conditions. The terrorists from the Islamic State group (the banned terrorist organisation "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant," (ISIL), IS or ISIS in English, Daesh in Arabic) operating in the territory of the country are cracking down on those who want to leave them and start a new life. The next flight with evacuees from Syria, according to the channel, is expected in Grozny in 10 to 15 days.

Fergana News Agency