23 january 2019

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Turkmen Citizens Forbidden from Taking Gold Abroad – Except Wedding Rings

05.02.2018 13:20 msk


Photo from Besplatka.ua
The authorities at Ashgabat Airport have introduced a limitation on taking gold abroad. Passengers are carefully searched and forced to dispose of all their gold jewelry, except for wedding rings, Alternative News of Turkmenistan (ANT) reports.

According to ANT, the new measure was introduced after some people, suffering from unemployment and cash shortages, apparently bought up gold products from the population and exporting it to Turkey. It is possible to earn up to $ 23.5 for one gram of scrap gold in Istanbul. Turkmen jewelry stores, on the other hand, do not buy gold from the population.

Officially, only jewelry without a certain marking is banned for export. But customs officers at the airport now demand people to leave private gold items behind. According to the sources of ANT, only those who are willing to pay a hefty bribe or have acquaintances in the customs service can take out gold in any amount.

Meanwhile, near the registration desks departing to Turkey, some individuals are offering passengers to smuggle their gold products through customs for 30-40 manats ($ 8-11 at the official rate) for each piece of jewelry. However, customs officers are aware of this, and they carefully inspect all passengers, sometimes forcing them to remove all clothes.

Earlier, it was reported that the authorities at Ashgabat Airport have begun questioning and thoroughly examining all women returning from Turkey to Turkmenistan. Particular attention is paid to passengers in hijabs.

Fergana News Agency