5 august 2020

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Lack of Fodder Forces Kazakh Farmers to Sell Cattle at Below Market Prices

25.07.2008 19:34 msk


The dumping of cattle by Kazakh farmers into the Kyrgyz cattle market has significantly decreased prices, though not on meat, in food markets.

The hot summer and lack of fodder has been forcing Kazakh farmers to sell off cattle in Kyrgyzstan at below market prices.

According to Ferghana.ru sources, prices in the cattle markets in Kyrgyzstan are down nearly 30 percent compared to the same period last year, although they should have been at least 15 percent higher given the double-digit inflation.

Some Kazakh farmers have come up with a new strategy to save their herds. They are loaning their cattle to Kyrgyz farmers who have fodder to feed the cattle. In exchange, Kyrgyz farmers are allowed to keep offspring.

Surprisingly, despite large quantities of cheap cattle, meat remains very expensive.