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Uzbekistan: Mass scuffle happened in Bukhara Province

29.01.2008 19:53 msk


A mass scuffle happened in Labirut village, Gizhduvan district, Bukhara Province on January 26, Ferghana.Ru correspondent reported citing local villagers.

About 30-40 alcohol and drug-impaired drivers of intercity coachers arrived in Labirut village after 17.00. They started methodically batter villagers.

The assaulters beat everyone with axes and sticks. Several villagers suffered corporal injures. The villagers in their turn battered several assaulters. Three drivers are treated in the Gizhduvan district hospital at present.

The law enforcement officers arrested about 20 people. A criminal proceeding has been initiated in the case. The investigation is in process.

Following the scuffle a meeting was held in the Gzhduvan district administration of the Bukhara Province on January 28. The meeting brought together the law enforcement officers, village elders and young people. At the meeting the villagers expressed their intention to exercise their right to retaliation with respect to the assaulters.

The scuffle was triggered by a misunderstanding emerging between the driver assistant and passengers of the bus following Gihduvan-Bukhara-Gihduvan route. Residents of Labirut village paid a fare smaller than the driver assistant asked for.

At the end of the working day the driver assistant returned smaller earnings. He excused himself with villagers of Labirut villade, who had paid less (300 sums) than other passengers (Labirut is 12 kilometers away from the center of Gizhduvan). The incident provoked the head of the coach company to revenge the villagers on January 26.

Gizhduvan district of the Bukhara Province is a common place for the like criminal incidents. Several months earlier residents of Samirkhon village assaulted the head of the local interior department.