21 october 2019

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Kyrgyzstan Seeks to Import Electricity from Kazakhstan

09.09.2008 15:22 msk


Kyrgyzstan is to buy 250 million kilowatt per hour from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Prime Minister Igor Chudinov said, AKIpress reports.

Chudinov told the press that possibilities of electricity import were discussed when Djambul power station had been launched in Kazakhstan.

Energy crisis ahead of cold winter forces Kyrgyz government to seek additional energy supplies. Prime Minister said the government intended to buy electricity from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. However, Tajikistan will not be able to import electricity this year. Kyrgyz government also tries to secure gas supply from Uzbekistan to the capital Bishkek power plant.

Akhmed Djundubaev, specialist from the Kyrgyz scientific energy centre, said it would be more profitable for the country to import electricity rather than to further exploit Toktogul hydropower stations, which are on the verge of closure due to extremely low reservoir level.

Kyrgyzstan needs nearly one billon kilowatt per hour starting from September up until May 2009 in order to survive cold season.

“Electricity import from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan is more viable economically,” he said to the 24.kg news agency.

The expert was surprised nothing similar was done in spring to prevent current power cuts throughout the country that are ruining fragile Kyrgyz economy. He also warned that if the government fails to strike a deal with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan now Toktogul power stations will stop in winter.